ERIC Tennis offers a tiered Analytics-as-a-Service platform to academies, teams, and individual players. Based on the number of court hours (hours or matches x # of players (1-4) to be analyzed), we can generate a one-time or recurring cost. We are able to consistently stay ahead of the competition by offering discounts from 5% to 25% based on the number of hours requested. Please contact us for a detailed quote.

ERIC Sports will perform all analysis using our in-house video exploitation software. The video will be tagged with each of the following swing types and analytical categories. Additionally, we will, if possible, incorporate additional video angles to enhance the analytical deliverables. The final report will consist of a series of video clips all tagged with swing and analysis metadata, as well as, specific guidance and instructions.

ERIC Sports will offer swing and skill analysis to our customers by leveraging our analytical experience and video analysis tool suite.

Our analysis services will focus on 7 primary hitting motions:

For each of these areas we will analyze the following:

Forehand volley
Backhand volley
Backhand slice
Player’s footwork
Player’s footwork
Racket control
Backswing and follow-through
Body rotation
Position in relation to the ball
Optical focus

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